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  • How Remote Work Is Reshaping Real Estate May 15, 2023
    Remote work and real estate are a bit of an odd couple.  Some tenants and real estate investors are embracing the pandemic-induced progression of remote work, or at least a hybrid of remote and in-office work. Major employers hopping on the remote work bandwagon include Airbnb, Allstate Insurance, HubSpot, Reddit, Spotify and Verizon. On the… […]
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  • The Top Real Estate Exit Strategies You Need to Know May 1, 2023
    Just as you need to know where you’re headed when you take a highway exit, you need to know your commercial real estate exit strategies. This is especially important amid an environment of higher interest rates, higher inflation rates and lingering economic doubts. Ideally, you should determine a real estate exit strategy for a property… […]
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  • Q1 2023 Market Review: 5 Takeaways for Private Real Estate Investors April 19, 2023
    Our Q1 2023 market review shows private real estate investors are finding they need to tiptoe around some financial minefields this year. By some measures, though, the landscape isn’t as treacherous as it was just a year ago. In other words, private investors aren’t necessarily hamstrung in their 2023 quest to turn a profit. 1.… […]
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  • 2023 REIT Outlook: What to Expect During a Downturn April 3, 2023
    Equity REITs saw a roughly 38% jump in total returns in 2021, followed by a 27% drop in 2022, according to the Nareit trade organization. But will REITs be in positive or negative territory this year in terms of returns? Even with interest rates and inflation still at high levels and the prospect of a… […]
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  • From LIBOR to SOFR: An Update on The Effect on Borrowers March 20, 2023
    For years, LIBOR (London Interbank Offered Rate) has been a familiar component of commercial real estate lending in the U.S. Soon, though, LIBOR will vanish in the U.S., making way for a benchmark rate known as SOFR (Secure Overnight Financing Rate). Follow along to learn why the LIBOR-to-SOFR switch is being made and how it… […]
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