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  • Finding the Right Value-Add Multifamily Investment Opportunities January 16, 2023
    The commercial real estate fallout from the pandemic has opened up opportunities for value-add investments in the multifamily sector. But how do you go about finding these opportunities, particularly as demand for these properties has gone up? There’s no single solution to finding these opportunities. Instead, you must employ several strategies to unearth them. Search… […]
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  • The Ultimate 2023 Multifamily Real Estate Investing Guide January 2, 2023
    Given the continuing rise in interest rates, the remaining curse of inflation and the lingering potential for a recession, you might be wondering what 2023 holds for multifamily investing. By some accounts, multifamily could be the star performer in commercial real estate in 2023. As financial services giant JPMorgan Chase points out, multifamily currently ranks… […]
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  • Broadmark’s CRE Financing Process: Maximize ROI on Your Investment December 19, 2022
    To understand the commercial real estate transaction process, it can help to think of it as a multistep journey toward realizing a return on your investment. Typically, the CRE transaction process at Broadmark Realty Capital involves five steps: While these five steps are common in CRE investment transactions, there are nuances to how each investor… […]
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  • Recession-Resistant Real Estate Investment Strategies for 2023 December 5, 2022
    As speculation increases about whether (and when) the U.S. will enter a recession, some commercial real estate investors might wonder if they can recession-proof their investing. Unfortunately, there is no such thing as recession-proof real estate investing. However, over time, some real estate sectors have proven to be especially recession-resistant. Recession-Proof vs. Recession-Resistant Recession-proof implies… […]
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  • Real Estate Secondaries: Market Trends You Should Capitalize On November 14, 2022
    Rather than being hypnotized by trophy assets in primary markets, commercial real estate investors might be better off looking at opportunities in secondary markets. Secondary markets represent some of the fastest-growing markets of any size in the country. One of the reasons: Many Americans are seeking lower-cost places to live and do business, yet they… […]
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