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Land Acquisition Loan in Birch Bay, WA

Construction Financing for a Brewery in Richland, Washington

Real Estate Investment Market Report for Washington, Oregon, and Idaho: May 2021

commercial construction loan

How do commercial construction loans work?

A construction loan is a type of short-term financing to fund a new construction project. If you’re planning to construct a multi-family home, apartment building, high-rise, commercial office building, or another type of large project, you will probably consider obtaining a commercial construction loan.

Commercial construction loans are different from other loans. Most loans are structured so the borrower receives the full amount they are requesting upfront. Then, once the loan is received, the borrower makes payments over a set period of time. However, with construction loans, the borrower does not receive the full amount upfront.

$1.2M Construction Loan in Oregon

Protected: Development and Construction Loan in Middleton, ID

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Real Estate Investment Market Report for Washington, Oregon, and Idaho: April 2021

multifamily investment financing

Investing in multifamily properties is a great option for those looking to get into real estate investing and feel comfortable with the responsibility and time commitment. Done right, they can be a great source of passive income. However, it’s important to have an in-depth understanding of how to find properties that will provide worthwhile returns on your investment, and subsequently acquire them. Crunching the numbers instead of being influenced by extraneous factors will quickly give you a comprehensive insight into an overall project.

Construction loan in Coeur d’Alene, Idaho

Real Estate Investment Market Report for Washington, Oregon, and Idaho: March 2021

private money lenders

How the Commercial Real Estate Lending Environment Might Differ in a Post-COVID-19 World

It goes without saying that the global toll of the COVID-19 pandemic has been substantial. Like many other industries, the real estate lending sector has also been impacted. However, the market is still functioning, and investors still have access to financing. But how that funding is accessed, as well as the terms and structures of loan packages, have changed slightly to reflect the new environment. In this article, we’ll explain what investors should be aware of and how construction lending can evolve as the nation recovers from the pandemic.

Real Estate Investment Market Report for Washington, Oregon, and Idaho: February 2021

real estate investment market report on the multifamily housing industry

Five policies from the Biden administration that could affect the multifamily housing industry 

Although the 2020 election felt more like an election week than an election day, ultimately Joe Biden emerged as the new President of the United States. As the smoke has cleared on the election itself, attention has turned to President Biden’s administration. As private equity lenders, we are naturally examining what the new administration will mean for the real estate development market. Specifically, what will the new administration’s policies mean to a housing market that has shown strength despite an economy that has been heavily impacted by the pandemic?

Real Estate Investment Market Report for Washington, Oregon, and Idaho: January 2021

Quick loan application for construction funding

A hard money loan can be a good option for a variety of reasons. For example, if you’re having trouble getting a loan from a bank with the terms you need, you need quick approvals and/or funding, you’re looking for tailored loan solutions, and/or you don’t want to bring in an equity partner.

Now, let’s talk about what you should know before looking for a hard money loan, and ways you can ensure a quick and easy loan process.

$6.2M In Financing For 31 Townhomes In Lacy, WA

Construction Loan in Seattle, WA