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Work With Us

Work With Us

Broadmark Realty Capital offers a wide range of work experiences and learning opportunities in a challenging, fast-paced, yet collective environment developed through teamwork, mutual respect and integrity. Employees are highly driven and empowered to make an impact.

Welcoming for everyone

Broadmark Realty Capital is committed to a diverse workplace with employees from a wide range of backgrounds. We recognize that a more diverse workforce translates to broader perspective and greater understanding, which in turn translates to a greater capacity for customer service. We focus on recruiting and retaining employees from different backgrounds and who are representative of people in our communities. By doing so, we are better able to serve our customers and understand their financial services needs and goals.

Our Departments

We’re the number crunchers. We are responsible for providing the business with accounting services and support to ensure smooth, disciplined execution of strategic business objectives.
Administrative Support
We work closely with leaders and teams’ company-wide to build relationships and get things done. We use our expertise in problem solving, prioritization, and project and office management to help power successful teams.
Asset Management
We monitor the loans in the portfolio and work with borrowers to identify and resolve project-specific challenges.
Human Resources
We act as strategic partners for the company. We advocate for employees and help to enable cultural change. By combining our talents and skills in training, diversity and inclusion, compensation, recruiting, and HR business partner roles, we’re creating a culture that attracts and inspires the world’s most passionate talent.
Loan Servicing
We manage and service loans and construction draws for our borrowers, from initial funding to final payoff. This includes sending monthly interest invoices and loan statements, maintaining records of payments and balances, managing construction budgets, and being the subject matter experts our borrowers can rely on to explain and answer any questions they have.
We work across the company to bring the Broadmark Realty Capital brand to life, both in and outside our walls.
Our Operations team oversees the day-to-day administrative and operational functions of Broadmark Realty Capital.
We are committed to growing Broadmark Realty Capital by identifying new partners, managing existing relationships, and creating value to our customers.
Summer Internship
Interns will have an opportunity to gain hands-on experience in a private capital lending environment over our eight-week program.
Our Promise to our Customers
  • Highest Degree of Leverage
    Highest Degree of Leverage

    We loan against the completed value of your project with no loan to cost requirement. As a result, we can provide more funding for your project than a bank can – and that means more flexibility for you.

    Speed / Convenience
    Speed / Convenience

    We can close as quickly as 5 days, and draws are wired within 24 hours. Banks take between 60-90 days to review a typical real estate project in that time, our clients’ projects are already in process and on the way to realizing profits.

  • Unmatched Industry Expertise
    Unmatched Industry Expertise

    We’ve funded over 372 loans (and counting). Our level of market intelligence is second to none, and our local teams spend more time meeting with our clients than any of our competition. We’ll find a solution that’s right for you.

    In-House Manual Underwriting
    In-House Manual Underwriting

    As private money lenders, we evaluate every deal on its own merits and are faster and more flexible in the evaluation process. You’ll get feedback within minutes of your request and term sheet within 24 hours.