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How To Calculate the Fair Market Value of Your Rental Property

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If you are an investor looking for an additional rental property, it’s important to know the fair market value of your property. This will help you set a reasonable price for your property and avoid under-or over-charging tenants. It will also give you a good idea of what to expect in terms of rental income….

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Rehab Loan Options for Multifamily Property Investors

Distressed properties, needing heavy rehabilitation or upgrading, are still a hot target for multi-family investors and home flippers, with about 39 percent of flipped homes purchased either in the foreclosure process. It’s easy to see why investors focus on these established areas – mainly because of their strong rental market potential – especially those who…

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BRMK Brooksville Residences: Red-Hot Growth in Hernando County

Aerial view of residential suburbs

Steady Growth With the average rent rising from $700 in 2012 to a remarkable $1,240 in Q2 2021, Hernando County shows a very favorable multifamily rental market. Because Brooksville sits at the center of Hernando County, steady population growth has resulted in a vacancy rate of just 2.68%. It is worth mentioning there are zero…

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Eleven Oaks: BTR Boom in Southeast Suburban Market

Aerial view of houses under construction

BTR Boom BTR is a shorthand industry term for build-to-rent which involves newly built townhouses or single-family homes intentionally constructed to rent to prospective tenants. Oftentimes, these rental home communities offer residents apartment-adjacent amenities like maintenance-free living with the addition of generous outdoor spaces. Quinn as well as other builders in the same game have…

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How Master Planning Can Benefit Your Build-to-Rent Investment

Top down aerial view of residential suburb

Build-to-rent investments have the potential for high returns in the current market due to Millennials reluctance to accrue a large amount of debt to purchase single-family homes, compared to their outbidding Gen X and Baby Boomers competition. The investors who couple the build-to-rent model with master planning characteristics may have the most success. Keep reading…

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Cap Rates in Rental Properties: Everything You Need to Know

Top down aerial view of residential suburb

When investors are looking to buy property, they have to know how much they’ll make or lose. There is an equation they use to calculate the capitalization rate. This equation quantifies whether the investment they are pursuing is worth it. A cap rate on its own does not bear much weight because it doesn’t take…

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Using Leverage to Invest in Real Estate: Does it Impact ROI?

Large crane over construction site with dramatic clouds in the background

Unless you have accumulated a significant amount of cash that you want to invest in commercial real estate property, you’ll need to learn how to leverage debt to purchase, invest in, and grow a real estate portfolio. But what do investors mean when they say “leverage” in real estate? Leveraging is a relatively simple idea….

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How to Use an Interest Reserve for Your Next Construction Loan

Building under construction

To be a successful and profitable developer, no matter your scale, you need to understand construction loan options. Unless you’re leveraging equity with a line of credit, new construction requires a different type of construction financing than a traditional asset purchase. Construction loans are incremental loan products designed to fund the construction of a new…

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What Can You Finance with a Private Money Loan?

A multifamily development built by a real estate developer

To be successful with real estate investing or development, you need the capital to get started. Many investors turn to hard money loans to get the financing they need in order to get their projects off the ground. A private money loan, also known as a hard money loan, is a loan typically issued by…

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How to Make Money in Commercial Real Estate

A row of townshomes being built as a real estate investment

When it comes to investing wealth, real estate has proven itself time and time again to be a reliable way to make money. With $32.6 trillion up for grabs globally, many are turning to commercial real estate to bolster their investment portfolios. If you want to try your hand in commercial real estate, here are…

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