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Real Estate Secondaries: Market Trends You Should Capitalize On

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Rather than being hypnotized by trophy assets in primary markets, commercial real estate investors might be better off looking at opportunities in secondary markets. Secondary markets represent some of the fastest-growing markets of any size in the country. One of the reasons: Many Americans are seeking lower-cost places to live and do business, yet they…

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How to Repurpose Commercial Real Estate and Save on Development Costs

Side view of brick apartments

Although transforming raw land can prove lucrative, repurposing existing building space to meet market demand has created exciting opportunities for the willing investor. This article dives into adaptive reuse trends and the benefits of repositioning the assets of an existing commercial space to accommodate the needs of a community while accelerating your business. Adaptive Reuse…

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The Top Commercial Real Estate Investing Trends for 2023 and Beyond

Upward view of skyscrapers

Savvy investors are consistently watching world markets and global economic cycles to inform their investment decisions. For those wondering whether or not now is a good time to invest in the commercial real estate sector, this article provides comprehensive information to help inform your decisions. An Overview of 2022 So Far Even with an increase…

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10 Things You Need to Look For in a Real Estate Finance Company

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Partnering with a private real estate finance company that knows your needs, and has the flexible programs to support them is a crucial component to successful real estate investing.  This blog provides the straightforward information you need to find a private real estate finance company that will help you make sound decisions, and see lucrative…

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Bridge The Gap With Short-Term CRE Financing Options

Bridge The Gap With Short-Term CRE Financing Options

Gone are the days when people’s real estate investment future lay in the hands of traditional bank lenders. Conventional lending models provided consumers with minimal options, a lot of red tape, and locked them into 15-30 year terms. While there are certainly still investment opportunities that benefit from a traditional lending model, private lending companies…

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5 Private Capital Lending Options For Your CRE Investment

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With a constantly evolving real estate landscape, savvy investors need loan options that are as dynamic as the market. Thankfully, many types of private capital loan options are available to choose from. But are they all created equal? This post focuses on 5 popular commercial real estate loans that can help investors build equity, and…

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REIT Outlook: Investor Insights Across Property Sectors

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Collective investing in real estate is made possible through real estate investment trusts (REITs), authorized investment vehicles that allow investors to combine their cash to invest in a trust to produce income or profits from real estate. Adding real estate to your portfolio may help you in several ways. They may protect you from inflation,…

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Manufactured Housing: Gain Capital In a High Inflation Market

Small blue gray mobile home with a front and side porch with white railing

Drawing on multiple data sources, a recent report by the National Low Income Housing Coalition (NLIHC) suggests that low-income earners in America currently face a shortage of approximately 7 million affordable and available build-to-rent properties. Meaning, for every ten households of meager means, there are less than four affordable homes nationwide. Keep reading to see…

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Take Advantage of Bonus Depreciation In Your Next Development Project

Houses under construction

Building new construction is financially appealing for many reasons. As we remain in a competitive seller’s market with low vacancy rates for rentals, developers are reaping the benefits of new construction. This blog focuses on another lucrative perk of new construction: real estate bonus depreciation. Read on to see how this powerful tax tool can…

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Interest Rate Caps: The Top Hedging Strategies for Asset Protection

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It’s imperative to put an economic ceiling on a loan as a means to protect yourself, as the borrower, against unpredictable interest rate activity. Interest rate caps can be purchased upfront as a proactive way to hedge the size of the loan. There are so many unknowns when it comes to the construction process, interest…

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