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Broadmark’s CRE Financing Process: Maximize ROI on Your Investment

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To understand the commercial real estate transaction process, it can help to think of it as a multistep journey toward realizing a return on your investment. Typically, the CRE transaction process at Broadmark Realty Capital involves five steps: While these five steps are common in CRE investment transactions, there are nuances to how each investor…

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Recession-Resistant Real Estate Investment Strategies for 2023

Recession-Resistant Real Estate Investment Strategies

As speculation increases about whether (and when) the U.S. will enter a recession, some commercial real estate investors might wonder if they can recession-proof their investing. Unfortunately, there is no such thing as recession-proof real estate investing. However, over time, some real estate sectors have proven to be especially recession-resistant. Recession-Proof vs. Recession-Resistant Recession-proof implies…

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