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Manufactured Housing: Gain Capital In a High Inflation Market

Small blue gray mobile home with a front and side porch with white railing

Drawing on multiple data sources, a recent report by the National Low Income Housing Coalition (NLIHC) suggests that low-income earners in America currently face a shortage of approximately 7 million affordable and available build-to-rent properties. Meaning, for every ten households of meager means, there are less than four affordable homes nationwide. Keep reading to see…

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Take Advantage of Bonus Depreciation In Your Next Development Project

Houses under construction

Building new construction is financially appealing for many reasons. As we remain in a competitive seller’s market with low vacancy rates for rentals, developers are reaping the benefits of new construction. This blog focuses on another lucrative perk of new construction: real estate bonus depreciation. Read on to see how this powerful tax tool can…

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