For Investors

In this yield challenged environment, every high-net-worth investor is looking for a conservative, high-yield investment. In response, we've created a high-yield real estate lending product.*

Additionally, we believe every high-net-worth investor should have a portion of their portfolio committed to the higher risk investments of the future.

Real Estate Lending Fund

In late 2009 and 2010, we began an extensive due diligence process that included a review of many competitive real estate lending firms. We learned two things: first, we concluded small builders, developers, and real estate investors need short-term commercial financing; moreover, demand for this financing is even more acute today than it has ever been. Historically, this type of financing was supplied by regional banks. However post-credit crisis, many regional banks were either shut down completely, sold to larger competitors, or restricted from making these types of loans. Banks have not returned to this market since that time and we don't believe they will. Second, we concluded a relatively conservative real estate lending fund could be designed to mitigate many of the risks that have plagued this asset class. So we did, and built a fund we would be comfortable recommending to our friends and family. Learn More.

Angel Investing

We use the same underlying concept used by venture capitalists to discern potentially profitable opportunities: We mitigate risk by investing in companies at a later stage of development. Although this sounds like a strategy simple enough for any individual investor to follow, there are several real obstacles to this approach. Learn More.

Institutional Investors

We serve a wide variety of roles for professional investors, but first and foremost we provide unique deal flow. Our client companies are either local, and therefore still quite unknown to the market, or our clients are known to us through our longevity in the business. These transactions could be with unheard-of US based companies, or could involve clients from as far afield as the Kingdom of Tonga. Historically we have facilitated financings as large as $100M, and have significant experience syndicating such opportunities with other professional investors as well as high net worth individuals. Lastly, we also play an often helpful role as an intermediary in due diligence and negotiations; some would say a welcome dose of market reality.

For Client Companies

Broadmark's core strength is its intense focus on understanding clients' businesses and shaping financing opportunities to reflect their companies' strengths and the ever-changing priorities of the capital markets. We are deeply involved with our client's businesses. As a merchant bank, we also invest directly in many of our client companies. That means that every decision we make reflects the shared interests of our firm and yours.

Corporate Finance Advisory Services

Broadmark is a key resource and a potent ally for companies. We approach every engagement with open minds and a talent for identifying value propositions others might overlook. Our wide-ranging success and unique accessibility make us a reliable partner for client companies facing challenges that demand professional financial expertise. Before we engage a client, we conduct exhaustive due diligence and learn about the company's particular goals, strengths and weaknesses. That's why our partners rely on us whenever they need corporate finance advice.

Equity and Debt Financing

Our success is grounded in a unique dedication to problem solving. We approach every project like a Rubik's Cube, twisting and turning it to explore every combination of variables until we arrive at a solution. We are always accessible to our clients and prepared to support their businesses at every stage, from identifying investors to advising on the timing and configuration of an offering. Our rich network, borne of years working in corporate finance, helps us stay abreast of market trends and represent every client firm in a way that reflects its unique strengths.

* Past is not indicative of future performance.