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Pyatt Broadmark Real Estate Lending Fund I
Broadmark Real Estate Lending Fund II


Broadmark Capital approaches challenges as if we were solving a Rubik's cube. Addressing the challenge of where to invest one's excess cash, we “twisted the cube”, and co-created a real estate lending fund. The fund has a goal of principal preservation while generating a double digit annual return, net of expenses.*

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If you are fortunate enough to be in the accredited investor class, we believe that 3% to 5% of your net worth should be invested in emerging growth companies. One loss won't have a significant effect on your portfolio. One success can increase your net worth in a meaningful way.

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We seek out private companies that offer unique investment opportunities, and are not beholden to any one class of security or industry. We accept small investment sizes, so our clients can build an aggressive, though risk-mitigated portfolio, independent of larger venture capital funds.

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For nearly 30 years, Broadmark has raised capital, invested and advised on transactions with an aggregate value of well over $1 billion. Our success reflects our long-term relationships with investors who trust us to structure mutually advantageous financing opportunities.

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* Past is not indicative of future performance.